Friday, August 3, 2007

Escape from Thesis Hell

Since the last blog, I have written, submitted, and defended a Masters Thesis. I have emerged with only a slight case of PTSD from Thesis Hell.

Oh, and I've moved and started a new job, thank you.

Let's say I've been busy.

Oh, and since I'm doing a background check, don't be surprised if some nice folks come up to you to ask if you know me. It's OK to admit it. They won't bother you if you just answer their questions...

OK, here's some content. I was interested to find that dead bodies are not a special health problem for humans, according to Watson, et al., Emerg. Infect Dis. 2007 Jan;13(1):1-5. "The sudden presence of large numbers of dead bodies in the disaster-affected area may heighten concerns of disease outbreaks, despite the absence of evidence that dead bodies pose a risk for epidemics after natural disasters. When death is directly due to the natural disaster, human remains do not pose a risk for outbreaks. Dead bodies only pose health risks in a few situations that require specific precautions, such as deaths from cholera or hemorrhagic fevers."

They have a table for the management of dead bodies, concerned with identification, culturally appropriate funerals, burial above the water table(!), and universal precautions. Burial is preferable to cremation.

Something to brighten your weekend.

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