Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mystery article

In the March 22, 2007, Tampa Bay Times, an article appeared that was attributed to Ron Rosenbaum at entitled, "How New Age Narcissists Ruin Yoga." I can't find that article at TBT or at Slate, so I can't set a link. However...

Mr. Rosenbaum highlights the commodification and rhetorical dumbing-down of yoga culture. He notes that yoga, once pure, has been larded with mystical schlock. He gives as an example of the new "yoga media", YogaLife. On its cover, it had "Burn Fat Faster" and "Zen Secrets to Instant Calm", and "Heal Winter Skin Now!". Hardly the meditative calm philosophy the ancient inventors of yogic wisdom envisioned, is it? Wish I had that link.

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