Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jeane Kirkpatrick, RIP

I'm a little late on this, with finals and all, but I wanted to pay my respects to a great lady.

High points from the article:

A longtime Democrat who worked on former Democratic Vice President Hubert Humphrey's presidential campaign in 1968, Kirkpatrick was initially the only non-Republican on Reagan's cabinet-level team and for a time the only woman.

She once termed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights "a letter to Santa Claus," and said, "Neither nature, experience, nor probability informs these lists of 'entitlements,' which are subject to no constraints except those of the mind and appetite of their authors."

"She felt that she was successful in balancing an extremely active career and good family life," Stuart Kirkpatrick said. "She was married to the same man for 43 years and was always close with her children. That's what she always felt was a major accomplishment."

RIP, madam.

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